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About Us

Rouler Cycling TeamPhoto courtesy of Rhea Aldridge

Make Every Ride Your Best Ride

Founded in 2012, Rouler is a cycling-related lifestyle brand specializing in performance cycling apparel, event production and bicycle tourism. CEO and creative director, Wes McWhorter, has combined his professional experience in design and branding with a life-long passion for the sport of cycling to build a company that is dedicated to making every ride your best ride. Whether you are a serious competitor, casual recreational rider or you choose the bicycle as your primary mode of transportation, everyone is welcome in Roulandria.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown New Orleans, our flagship store invites patrons to linger and enjoy the rich cycling culture and community of our wonderful city. Stop by and visit!

Call 504-603-2781 (for café, catering or delivery) or 504-327-7655 (for retail and service) for more info. Or drop us a line at

If you're visiting or hosting friends from out of town, why not stop in and rent one of our super fun city bikes. We also have high-performance road and cyclocross bikes for rental as well. Check out our available bike rentals at